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Vision 2020 – Thursday

June 13, 2012

The first day of summer camp targeting administrators begins with a breakfast hosted by your camp counselors. Unfortunately, the breakfast is by invite only. If your district isn’t among the chosen leaders in the REAC3H network, that’s too bad. For members of this group, I have a special Vision 2020 Thursday Lightening Round of questions that you might ask at breakfast:


1. How is the SDE monitoring the dissemination of information between lead districts in the REAC3H network and the districts that they are supposed to be leading?

2. What role will the 60 REAC3H Coaches being hired this summer have in helping teachers and leaders implement Common Core, TLE, RSA, and every other new initiative?

3. How will these coaches be trained in a way that gives them the necessary background to help teachers in all grade levels, subject areas, and school climates?

4. When will meaningful  information about the PARCC assessments be disseminated to school districts?

5. Why is there a state director of C3 Schools, when technically all schools in Oklahoma  will have to be C3 schools?

On to the workshops…

Start your day off with general session speaker Ron Clark. He is passionate about learning, and he will make you think about how you do your job. You’ll also come away knowing the difference that ample and creative funding can make in schools. You can also hear Janet Allen, who is an outstanding researcher and writer with a focus on tools to transform your lesson plans.

I expect the 11:00 session “Using the New State Grade Card System” to be packed with administrators. This will be good – since the SDE paid so little attention to school leaders when developing the new accountability plan. Remember, if it takes 32 pages and 48 tables to explain the system, it’s not simpler than the API formula.

At 1:45, you can treat yourself to an encore presentation of “The Marriage of Mr. Social Studies and Ms. Common Core…” or go learn “What Does it Mean to be a Focus School.” If you do the latter, you might also want to catch “What Does it Mean to be a Priority School?” at 2:45. You might be better off learning about RTI or iPads, though.

Enjoy the conference, and make sure to use #eduvision2020 if you’re on twitter. I will!

Thunder Up!

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