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September 14, 2012

I watched with chagrin this morning as Jeb Bush spoke with the Morning Joe crew on MSNBC about the Chicago Teachers’ Union strike. I don’t know a lot about teachers’ unions. I think they have their place. I think they can be partners with school administration to improve conditions in schools for students and teachers alike. And I think they’re structured differently in different districts – even moreso in different states.

I know they’re made up of individuals who work most closely with the kids, and that’s what really matters.

Since I’m not an expert on unions and strikes – or even Chicago – I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about what I think the right outcome is. Teachers aggrieved about issues that only are teacher-related probably don’t carry much weight with the public. However, public opinion in Chicago seems to be trending towards the teachers, which tells me the issues speak directly to conditions for students.

Bush, on the other hand, keeps talking. He admitted he doesn’t know anything about class size issues in Chicago. (He should try this new search engine, Google, to maybe see if there’s any information on it.) He continued speaking as the privileged son of an aristocrat who never spent a day in public education, assuming that the problems in public schools have nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with the people working there.

At least he didn’t bring up his milk metaphor again.

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