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Six Months on the Blog

October 25, 2012

It’s hard to believe that I started doing this six months ago. At first, I was happy to have just a few visitors reading my thoughts. An average day this month is close to 350 page views. It’s not Diane Ravitch good, but it’s better than I expected.

I wrote the first post, About Those Reward Schools, two weeks before I created the blog and had nowhere to post it. I didn’t think I’d be writing as frequently as I do. I didn’t realize there was so much shared angst around the state. Concerned educators, parents, and community members continue to contact me via Twitter, Facebook, and email. The number of people who come to this page daily – even when I don’t write anything – is quite humbling.

On the agenda today is another State Board of Education meeting. News broke yesterday that there are now two different methodologies being suggested to solve the A-F Report Card standstill. Governor Fallin is even weighing in. Whatever happens today, I plan to compare the published report cards to poverty levels and report on that over the weekend.

Additionally, the SBE will discuss Superintendent Barresi’s budget request for the next school year. That will likely result in its own blog post. As I’ve mentioned previously, I have some concerns about the priorities her proposal would establish. And as we’ve seen over the last few months, her Board is likely to ask tough questions and not just accept what they’re told at face value.

So thank you for following the blog, but more importantly, thank you for caring about setting straight the public education record in Oklahoma.

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