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Back to Education

November 8, 2012

Now that the presidential election is over, I want to get back to talking about education. Fortunately for us, so does Secretary of Education Phyllis Hudecki.

Oklahoma is a strange state in that we have two statewide leaders in education: an elected Superintendent of Public Instruction and a Secretary of Education appointed by the governor. Janet Barresi is the former; Hudecki is the latter.

Last night, Hudecki met with the Tulsa Area Parent Legislative Action Committee. I would recommend reading both the write up of the meeting in the Tulsa World and from Melissa Abdo’s Twitter Feed. (And let me add again that if you care about education in Oklahoma – especially from the perspective of well-informed parents – you should follow Melissa.)

Hudecki came without prepared remarks. She listened. She took tough questions. She revealed that use of the ACT had been her preference over the EOIs years ago. She agreed that testing has gotten out of control. And she seemed to understand that funding for schools has been outpaced by the reforms and mandates.

More meetings like this need to happen. The Oklahoma City Area needs to have a PLAC form. So should Lawton, Enid, Muskogee, and McAlester. Rural and remote areas of the state need to have parents get involved. As I said yesterday, people tend to love (or at least like) the schools in their communities. For the most part, they hate the testing mandates. They want to see innovation more than reforms that stymie creativity.

I appreciate that Secretary Hudecki took the time to meet with parents and school leaders in Tulsa yesterday. And I feel confident that the governor will hear what she heard.

  1. November 8, 2012 at 8:42 am

    FYI She knows you can’t use the ACT to meet the mandates of state and federal law in terms of high school accountability. But, at least she listened to parents. And, Hudecki has always been a much better politician and non-educator policy analyst than DDS Barresi.


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