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The Reward Not Wanted

February 6, 2013
Two schools diverged on a tested path,
And one Reward status given,
For it scored high in reading and math,
And thus, unburdened of cold state wrath
Was for the students’ interests driven;
The other, though just as fair, it stood
Apart, Priority of reform,
Though teaching in a far neighborhood
With students and teachers just as good
Its scores enticed state leaders to swarm.
Of those offered reward, most chose none,
For with meager treasure came some traps;
The strings of state reforms not quite done,
Conceived not in school but campaigns won,
Leaves better nature of few to lapse.
Few will wonder what they are missing
Somewhere, ages and ages hence;
Of better days, both reminiscing –
Of schools for children all were wishing,
For that would truly make a difference.

(with great apologies to Robert Frost)

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