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Governor’s ACE Awards Ceremony

March 3, 2013

Friday, the Oklahoma State Department of Education released a media alert for the governor’s ACE Awards Ceremony, which will be held Monday at noon. From the release:

The Governor’s Ace Award is given to school districts in which 100 percent of the seniors of the Class of 2012 met all graduation requirements, including Achieving Classroom Excellence (ACE). ACE, which was enacted in 2005 under Gov. Brad Henry, requires that high school seniors, beginning with the Class of 2012, prove proficiency on four of seven end-of-instruction exams before graduation.

This is an important accomplishment. In all, 186 districts will receive this award. The largest of these is Chickasha. In fact, most of the districts on the list are so small they either don’t have football at all or play 8-man football.

Last summer, Governor Fallin announced that she would like to explore the possibility of consolidating school districts. I hope, before she explores this further, she’ll remember this day, and the fact that so many small high schools are getting the job done.

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