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Senator Mike Mazzei’s Response to a Patron

March 9, 2013

Earlier today, I commented on SB1001 – the Parent Trigger law. I neglected to include this correspondence from Sen. Mike Mazzei, posted to the Facebook page of the Teachers Need to Take Over the Legislature group:

Dear Matt,

Thank you for contacting me about SB1001. I voted in favor of this legislation because I believe it is imperative to consider any and all options for failing schools. For a school district like Union, Broken Arrow, Bixby and Jenks this will never become an issue. But for schools that chronically underperform even generous standards we must give parents who maybe can’t relocate to a different district, options to improve the school for the kids. My bottom line consideration is for students that aren’t getting the leadership, standards, and expectations needed for success in life.

There are so many examples of underperforming schools that have been radically changed by empowered teachers and parents, the KIPP schools are a notable example.

This legislation simply allows the school to become a charter school, which is still a public school within its respective school district. This is hardly a radical idea and may embolden parents to get more engaged as we have seen in some other states.

Best Regards,

Mike Mazzei
Senator Mike Mazzei
District 25

If it sounds as if Mazzei got his talking points from ALEC and FEE, there’s a reason. And if it sounds as if someone from the suburbs thinks he knows what is best for urban schools, there’s a reason for that too.

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