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June 20, 2013

When the legislature decided last month to allow a two year delay in the full implementation of TLE, Superintendent Barresi was grateful. When Arne Duncan announced delays to federal reform plans this week, she threw a tantrum:

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 18, 2013) – State Superintendent Janet Barresi comments on today’s announcement by U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan of a rollback of the implementation timeline for states for teacher and leader effectiveness evaluations and testing accountability requirements.

“This just shows again that federal bureaucrats in D.C. think they know what is best for Oklahoma children. Oklahomans know what is right for our children and that is an outstanding education system fueled by our state-generated education reforms. President Obama and the education establishment have caved into union bosses’ demands to roll back critical reforms. I pledge to Oklahomans to remain focused on the needs of Oklahoma children and on building an outstanding education system for each of our children. We do not need the U.S. Department of Education, the education establishment or union bosses running our lives. Oklahoma children come first.”

We love teachers, except when we don’t. We love reform, except when it’s not all coming together quickly enough. We love the Feds, but only when we need something.
This SDE administration loves double standards.

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