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Lack of Consistency

June 27, 2013

Today during the State Board of Education meeting, Linda Hampton of the Oklahoma Education Association was prepared to speak on a report about the testing debacle from this spring. She was denied that right because the nature of the comment did not pertain to any agenda item. While this is consistent with the posted rules for SBE meetings, the Board does not always adhere to these rules.

For example, last August, Rep. Jason Nelson was allowed to speak about concerns over myriad funding issuesnot an agenda item.

Rules are important when they suit you. And when they don’t force you to allow voices that contradict your chosen narrative. And when you’re all amped up for a stiff election challenge. And …

  1. Kate
    June 27, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Not surprising. Just another instance of being a staunch rule/law follower when it suits the Dentist’s purpose — which was also the case if the SBE voted on something that was not clearly listed on the agenda. She usually doesn’t have a clear idea of what is on the agenda until she walks into the meeting anyway.


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