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Still Two Board Members Short

August 14, 2013

A couple of readers today sent me this link to the governor’s nomination for a replacement State Board of Education member. As you can see for yourself, the paperwork was filed July 26. As you can also see here, the nominee was another dentist.

The emails I received basically were along the lines of the jokes write themselves…another dentist on the State Board of Education. I was prepared to provide a link to the State Board of Dentistry and ask my readers to count the number of teachers on it, but apparently now there is no point. OK Capitol Source reports that the nominee has withdrawn her name from consideration.

I neither know what led to Governor Fallin choosing this nominee or the reason she has chosen to withdraw. As she has opted not to be a public figure at this time, I feel no need to examine her strengths and weaknesses or whether or not she has a strong knowledge base regarding public education.

Look, none of us who care about public education and have invested our careers in it are under the delusion that Fallin will appoint an actual educator to the SBE. The last one, as you know, quit the Board to run against Superintendent Barresi.

In the meantime, we still have a couple of seats open.

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