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Pick a Date – Any Date

October 15, 2013

Schools using the SDE secure site to logon and see their A-F Report Cards see the following schedule:

Phase I: Aug 30 – Sept 30 – Complete

All testing data and corrections have been sent back to the testing company for final scoring.

Other data for review: Available Sept 16

  • Attendance details (Elementary, Middle School) – Now Available
  • Dropout details (Middle School) – Now Available
  • Advanced coursework details (Middle School, High School) – Now Available
  • Graduation cohort rate details – Now Available
  • College placement exam details – Now Available

Phase II: Now Oct 16 – Oct 29 – Final Review of Report Card Grades

After final scoring, the data will be used to calculate the A-F report card grades. Administrators will be able to review their site level grades on October 15 – 27th.

Phase III: Now October 29 – Public Release of Report Cards

Pending State Board approval of A-F Report Card grades.

Does someone want to explain Phase II to me?

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