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Quit Picking at It!

October 17, 2013

You’ll just make it worse!

That’s what my parents used to tell me when I would fall off my bike and scrape my knee.

We’re up to version 5 of our A-F Report Cards.* There’s no end in sight. Around lunchtime, the SDE sent out the following notice to districts:

***SDE*** Report Cards UpdateOK State Dept of Ed sent this bulletin at 10/17/2013 12:42 PM CDT

Dear Superintendents, Principals and DTC’s,

It came to our attention yesterday that the bottom 25 percent growth on the A to F report card was calculated incorrectly.  A last-minute correction was made immediately before posting that inadvertently caused the errors. We are working to remedy this problem as swiftly as possible, and we will notify all districts once this has been corrected. The date for submitting Data Verification Forms for calculation errors is extended until 10:00 am, Oct 28th.

I deeply regret the challenges you experienced yesterday afternoon.  If additional calculation changes are needed, please submit the Data Verification Form and we will be happy to process it.

Maridyth McBee, PhD
Assistant State Superintendent
Accountability and Assessment

The problems didn’t end yesterday. That needs to be clear. They are ongoing. School districts continue to have deadlines, like the one that was extended earlier this week (due to system problems, not school district procrastination). They meet them. They get their data entered correctly.

Their frustration is evident on the secure site, which includes a discussion forum. Here are some quotes from system users:

Just like Obamacare, this site was not ready for rollout.
When will the scores quit changing? We have seen at least 4 different scores in less than 24 hours. OSSBA and CCOSA were right. This is worthless.
My school has 2 different scores simultaneously.
If I go in as District User I see one score. If I go in as Site Principal I see a different score. Of course this is aside from the fact that each score has changes 4 times at least. The discrepant score are occurring simultaneously.
Please take the keyboard away from the monkey!!
Why have a forum for Q & A when there is no one home to answer our questions? Why release something that obvious was not ready for release. Don’t send me junk I want valid information not this stuff. Our scores have changed several times!
And eventually, this system response:
Announcement from the SDE

I would like to apologize for the lack of SDE responses on the forum. All of our resources are currently focused correcting and verifying the A-F report card and fulfilling all data verification requests. We received the final testing data from the vendor on Oct. 15, and have been working non-stop since then to perform and verify the calculations. Please refer to the homepage for updates regarding the progress of this process, but we expect all known issues to be resolved in the afternoon of Oct.17th.

In light of these challenges, the deadline for submitting data verification requests for calculations has been extended until 10:00 A.M. Oct. 28th.
We completely understand and empathize the frustration that many have experienceed within the last several days, and we please ask for your patience and assistance as we work together to ensure the calculations are accurate when the report cards are released on Oct. 29.Sincerely,
Michael Tamborski

This is a complete embarrassment, and one that the SDE can hardly afford. Their PR is bad enough without the added stress of self-inflicted wounds.

Accountability is the stated commitment of Superintendent Barresi. She needs to hold her staff to a higher standard than this.

*As of 4:00 p.m. 10/17/13

  1. Brooke Spencer
    October 17, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Ugh. Such a mess!


  2. Julie
    October 17, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    The A-F report cards AND the standardized tests need to be TRASHED. Does ANYONE at the OSDE know what’s is going on?


  3. amber
    October 18, 2013 at 6:19 am

    I feel that the A-F report cards, teacher merit pay, standardized tests, new mental math, and report cards that are given to students with 1-4 as the grades should be trashed. Go back to the education that has worked for generations. Teach reading, writing, and arithmetic!!! Our future is getting screwed with the education system that is in place now!!!


  4. Cindy
    October 18, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Have you seen the latest communique. “***SDE*** A-F Report Card Update”? I’m guessing the writer and reviewer do not know the meaning of “snafu”.


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