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Leaning Trendline of PISA

December 3, 2013

Pretend the image below is a Rorschach test and tell me what you take away from it:PISA


A)    That there is something called Math Literacy.

B)    That the US is behind too many other countries in Math Literacy.

C)    That the US has a lot more child poverty than most advanced countries.

D)    That the US beats the trend line for Math Literacy relative to poverty.

The great thing about an image such as this is that there is no wrong answer.

The Program for International Student Assessment released results such as these today, but without the socioeconomic overlay. While I typically don’t pay much attention to international tests, I think it’s critical that we pay attention to the X-axis. The US has way too many children in poverty. Among comparison countries, only Turkey, Chile, and Mexico have more. While all datasets have outliers, the fact remains that poverty impacts student achievement.

If you’re interested, by the way, US results are based on the test scores of just over 6,000 students. I wonder what the SDE’s new analyst thinks of that.

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  1. Teacher's Husband
    December 3, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Great link for data correlating numbers when similar poverty rates are compared. US scores skyrocket. Excellent presentation at this link as well.



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