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All Star Edition of #oklaed #studentsask Chat

October 25, 2015

Here are my favorite responses to tonight’s chat questions, all in Twitter form. Since I had the chance to sit with three high school seniors while co-moderating the chat, their reactions are a factor in my choices. Drew Price, I think you were the fan favorite at my table at Starbucks.

chat at Starbucks

Q1 How can schools balance the need for increased security measures with having a welcome climate for students and parents?

Q2 What has your school or district done to make high school schedules align with research on teenage sleep patterns?

Q3 What should schools do to help students use technology more effectively and responsibly?

Q4 How can schools give students more academic choices and autonomy?

Q4b How can schools make electives as important as core classes?

Q5 Should high schools students be asked to select a major or area of academic emphasis?

Q6 What can we do to make teachers feel less rushed and less focused on testing?

Q7 How can schools help students with testing anxiety?

Q8 How can schools hold teachers and coaches accountable for the balance between homework, activities, and life in general?

Q9 Should all students have a career path chosen by the end of high school?  

Q9b What should schools do to help students explore careers?  

Q10 Should schools limit the number of AP classes students take at any one time? Why or why not?

If you want to review the entire chat, it’s up on Storify. Thanks to all who participated!

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  1. claudiaswisher
    October 26, 2015 at 8:32 am

    Drew Price has been one of my favorites for some time! Thank your students for pushing our thinking. Hope we didn’t embarrass you in front of your new friends! 🙂


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