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So much thanks

November 25, 2015

I can pretty much assume that if we’re going to talk about our blessings this Thanksgiving, that there will be some common things 90 percent of us say. Our families and friends. The servicemen and women who protect this great country. Sunsets. Bacon.

Just a few days ago, I even wrote about how thankful I am that former students from more than a decade ago still reach out to me to let me know I’ve had some kind of impact on their lives.

I want to push myself farther this year and give 45 very specific reasons to give thanks – one for every birthday I’ve had. So we’ll take the ones from above as givens and shoot for a more personalized list.

  1. Jazz bands

  2. The #oklaed online community
  3. Reruns of Thanksgiving episodes of Friends
  4. Coffee and donuts
  5. Books
  6. Free songs from the Foo Fighters
    IMG_4325 1
  7. Taco Bueno after bad banquet food
  8. A leadership team that really gets me

  9. A former staff that did too
  10. A great boss and mentor in Moore
  11. Really, a lot of great leaders and co-workers throughout my career
  12. Getting to meet Diane Ravitch
  13. Bloggers, parents, and other rebels throughout Oklahoma who fight for children and their schools
  14. Superhero day at elementary schools
  15. Speaking of superheroes, Baker Mayfield

  16. Speaking of superheroes, Russell Westbrook (featuring unicorns and rainbows)
  17. The first day of school
    IMG_3087 (1)
  18. Breaks
  19. High school classmates who are long-time Mid-Del teachers
  20. Tom Petty

  21. Friends who can quote Hemingway
  22. Friends who can quote Shawshank, Princess Bride, and Seinfeld, on command
  23. Birthday wishes from Joe Dorman
  24. Nerd humor
  25. Humble beginnings
  26. Independent thought
  27. Guilty pleasures
  28. Austin being weird
  29. A state superintendent who is the real deal
  30. A school board and community that took a chance on me
  31. Students in leadership
  32. Students in leadership volunteering to moderate chats
    IMG_4012 (1)
  33. Running
  34. Skiing
  35. Surprise reunions at holidays
  36. First-world problems
  37. Words
  38. Old movies
  39. Students who step outside their comfort zones
  40. Teachers who step outside their comfort zones
  41. The finales of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, and Letterman
  42. A new Sarah Vowell book
  43. Reporters who give public schools a fair shake
  44. The opportunity to work with graduate students
  45. The future, whatever it holds

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And if you get tired of leftovers, go get a taco or some Funyuns. And read a book or two.

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