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Two things for Tuesday

January 5, 2016

One of my new year’s resolutions is to blog more. Since time is scarce, I’ll try to have a brief post on Tuesdays, in which I briefly touch on two points, and a longer post on the weekend.

  1. Today, we welcome back our students. I know that some districts had kids yesterday, but many I know begin the spring semester today.

    In the case of Mid-Del Public Schools, we welcome back about 14,600 students. My friends in Moore, and in many other school districts, are excited to see the kids again too.

    For too many of our students, today means a hot meal, a safe place, and a loving adult. With all the talk of gloom and doom and budget cuts, our teachers just want to do their jobs. Hopefully, we can stay out of their way.

  2. I can’t tell you how many teachers and administrators in Oklahoma worked over the break, but I know it was more than zero. I know it was a lot. I saw collaboration on Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure if I used Instagram and Pinterest, I would have seen it there too.

    MD6MD5When I was out Christmas shopping at the last minute, I even heard teachers rummaging through clearance items, discussing what could be used in their classroom. And in districts that had professional development yesterday, many were all in, first thing in the morning.

    The point is that teachers may take time off, but their brains don’t. They may be out shopping for their own families, but they don’t stop thinking about the students they will see in no time at all.

    We all deserve time off, and I hope it was good time off. I hope it was refreshing. I hope for those of us who work in the schools, we at least had a few moments that weren’t all about the students during these last two weeks.

    We’re back now, and so are the kids. Let’s have some fun and learn something.

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