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FY 17 Executive Budget 2.0

April 13, 2016

I was at the Oklahoma State Department of Education this afternoon when I found out that Governor Fallin was going to announce a revised budget plan at 3:30. By the time my meeting finished at 3:00, I figured, “Why not? It’s basically next door.”

The press conference began about 30 minutes late (which made it start at the same time pro-education candidates were gathering in the hall just outside), and it lasted for about 30 minutes. The governor highlighted the work of legislative leaders in both chambers and her office’s five-point plan to work around the state’s current $1.3 billion shortfall.


The plan:

Five concepts – none requiring supermajority votes – can produce a FY 2017 appropriated budget that responsibly funds government and puts the state on better financial footing in future years.

I don’t have time to get into the details tonight, so I’ve taken the liberty of scanning the handouts from today. Overall, I think there are some ideas here with merit. And if the state can hold education and health flat, I’ll be astounded. More importantly, if we’re not having a discussion six months later about revenue failures and making cuts mid-year again, I’ll be even happier.

MF Budget 1MF Budget 2

That’s the five-part plan. Below is the detailed budget by agency.


If I see a good article discussing why these ideas will or won’t work, I’ll link to it later. In the meantime, if you have thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

  1. April 14, 2016 at 6:28 am

    I don’t want “no more cuts”… I WANT 100% FUNDING + EVERYTHING THE KIDS HAVE BEEN CHEATED OUT OF THE LAST FEW YEARS!!! I’m simply not satisfied with a halt to cuts, When was the last time education was funded 100%? I don’t want us to get by, I want us to THRIVE!. Also if she is “the great one” why is it just NOW, when people are getting upset and about to vote her out does she find this as a solution? Why was this not found YEARS ago?


  1. April 15, 2016 at 8:01 pm
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