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Two Things on SB 1187

Tomorrow, the House Appropriations and Budget (A & B) Committee will hear one of the bills I’ve been watching for month. Sort of.

  1. SB 1187 passed the Senate by one vote. It essentially would have given high-performing* districts the flexibility to do all kinds of things – such as removing the minimum salary schedule, insurance, and retirement benefits for the teachers. In other words, if you are a good teacher, and our kids are successful, I, as your administrator, can take away decades of progress – but only if you vote to allow me to do it. Oh, we also wouldn’t have had to serve all students in our district. It was bizarre. Apparently, that bill is now a memory.
  2. Tomorrow, a substitute bill will be heard in its place. This bill takes all of the original language out and lets high schools substitute concurrent enrollment credit for certain End-of-Instruction exams. It’s now a totally different bill. Even if it passes the House, it would have to go back to the Senate. Then if they change it, there will be a conference committee. And so it goes.

What does that mean? Probably that we have more important things to worry about. I’ll keep worrying about money. That’s the big one.

*As determined by standardized tests or a troll under a foot-bridge…it wasn’t really clear.

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