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#oklaed Chat Questions for 6/5/16

June 5, 2016

We often say that all we need in education is more money and more respect. One resource that goes along with both of those is time. I’ll be moderating tonight’s #oklaed chat, and if you want to preview the questions, here you go. At the end of the night, I’ll post again with some of my favorite responses included.

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See you at 8:00. Bring a friend.

Q1  Instructionally, what do you wish we could spend more time doing in the classroom?

Q2  Instructionally, what do you wish we could spend less time doing in the classroom?

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Q3  What does it mean “to value a student’s time?”

Q4  How important should “seat time” be for how we credit students with what they’ve learned?

Q5  How much unstructured time (recess, lunch, etc.) should students get during the school day?

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Q6  How much time outside of the school day should students have to spend doing schoolwork?

Q7  What does it mean “to value a teacher’s time?”

Q8  How can we reconceive professional development to better use the time of adult learners?

Q8b  You pick a breakout session at a conference. It’s lousy. Your time is valuable. Do you stay or go? Why?



Q8c  Would your students make the same decision if they could?

Q9  How much time outside of the contract should teachers spend grading and planning?

Bonus Q: How much downtime do you take during the summer? No, really?

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