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Top Ten Questions to Ask at Vision 2020

Let me take a minute here to give the SDE more free advertising for Vision 2020. They’ve put together a huge conference in what seems to be a short period of time under a set of parameters that have been constantly changing. However the conference goes for them, I bet their ever-shrinking staff will be glad when the week is over.

For educators around the state, this will be a rare opportunity to interact with SDE personnel. Back in the olden days (2010 and before), the agency was full of professional educators who made it out to schools to provide technical assistance to districts. Since your direct contact with their staff is limited, and this is a great opportunity to meet with the people charged with supporting public education, I’ve compiled a top ten list of questions you might want to ask when you see them:

1. Why did it take until April to produce NCLB report cards, when Pearson produced correct data by the end of October?

2. After failing so badly to produce accurate data last year, why did the SDE renew the contract with Pearson?

3. Why does the SDE have more people working in communications than in STEM and Literacy combined right now?

4. Why does the SDE have a STEM director who never worked in public education in Oklahoma (and only in the distant past out-of-state)?

5. Why did the SDE’s Literacy Director quit meeting with school district personnel?

6. With mandatory third-grade retention for students not reading on grade level less than two years away, why did Superintendent Barresi choose not to fund Reading Sufficiency for 2012-13?

7. Where’s my chocolate fountain?

8. Why do so many of the high-performing reward schools come from affluent areas and so many of the high-improvement reward schools come from  high-poverty areas?

9. Who’s leaving next, and will it be voluntary?

And if you’ve paid attention to the insanity about posting student records on the Internet and releasing them to the media…

10. What were you thinking?

Feel free to add your own questions in the comment box. And if you go to Vision 2020 and get to visit with any SDE staff, I’d love to hear your stories – positive or otherwise.

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