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HD 69: For Melissa Abdo

August 26, 2014 Comments off

Usually I don’t make explicit endorsements, but I will make an exception today. I don’t know if anyone in House District 69 cares, but if you do, I strongly encourage you to vote for Melissa Abdo in her Republican runoff election today. In the last three years, social media activism has made a real difference in the political climate of this state. Collectively, bloggers and tweeters have helped pass through some good initiatives and helped defeat some bad ones. As gratifying as that is, it hardly compares to the grass root work of parents.

When I began this blog in 2012, Melissa was one of my first followers. We engaged in many healthy discussions via Twitter. She is well-informed and thoughtful. Most importantly, her main supporters are local. With all the early momentum, she had to deal with ads from out-of-state, secret-money groups who opposed her. Most of the friction came from the fact that she has been a vocal critic of corporate reform darling, Janet Barresi. I trust the voters in her district who know Melissa will make the right choice.

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