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Hell To Pay

August 21, 2012 1 comment

By now you’ve probably heard about the Prague High School senior denied her physical diploma because she used the word hell in her valedictory address. It’s all over the national news. Yes, I’m going to pile on.

As much as it annoys me when people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about make public education look bad, I have no tolerance for when we do it to ourselves. This student has a full ride to college. She has an outstanding academic record, and she is very active in the community. The school wants her to write an apology. She has refused.

Good for her! I hope this shows a pattern of behavior of a smart young lady using her words to say what she means rather than to get what she wants.

We’ve seen throughout the summer how much frustration comes when people with too much power deny students diplomas. Being a bully typically just shows you’re a coward.

This student has graduated with the highest honors her school could bestow upon her. Now they won’t give her the paper signifying the achievement. Something tells me that in parts of the community, language has since escalated beyond the offending word.

By the way, you currently can’t get to the district’s home page, but you can click on the red devil mascot below and get to the high school page.

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