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May 22, 2013 Comments off

I don’t feel like writing much this week. One thing that comes to mind is that billionaire foundations spend a lot of money on tests and reforms that serve political interests rather than children. If these people really want to help kids, maybe they can help fund safe rooms and other unmet building needs for schools. A billion for tests or a billion for safe rooms? Every school in Oklahoma would love to have one if the funds were available.

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The Real Meaning of “For the Kids”

Every education discussion about policy, reform, funding, or anything else eventually dissolves into both sides saying some version of “It’s for the kids.” In times such as these, we find out what it really means. Story after story of teachers protecting children with their own body in Moore yesterday reminds us that the very essence of education is ensuring that tomorrow is better than today.

After this teacher used her own frame as a shield over children, she explained herself to CNN by saying, “It’s just our job.”

Remember that our classrooms are full of potential heroes who hope they never get that chance.

Pray. Hope. Cry. Collapse. Wish. Help. Do what you need to do. For the kids, their teachers, their families, and their community.

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