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Superintendent Barresi at the RNC

August 29, 2012 Comments off

Superintendent Barresi took some time out at the Republican National Convention today to distort her own agenda and dispel the myth of the War on Women (sort of like Bill Price’s war against the myth about poverty). She blames the funding problems for Oklahoma schools on Obamacare. That retelling of the story forgets the fact that her first budget only funded 10 months of benefits for teachers, that she continued claiming it had been fully funded, and only after several months did she ask the legislature for more money to fully fund benefits.

She also looks to a Republican Platform that she says would increase local control of schools. Ask anybody working in public education in Oklahoma right now if they feel like they have more local control under the Barresi regime. I doubt you’ll find one.

Don’t let any of these people off the hook. Call out what’s bogus.

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