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Reason #6 to pick Dr. Grace over Mr. Walters: Credibility

August 12, 2022

In case you missed the debate earlier this week between Dr. April Grace and Ryan Walters, you can still watch it on the Fox 25 website. If you haven’t and won’t, and if you’ll indulge me, I can summarize:

Moderators: Thoughtful question
Walters: Woke indoctrination
Grace: Solution, specific example
Walters: Leftist administrators
Grace: Thoughtful ideas
…and repeat…

I’m not the only person who felt this way. After the debate, Fox 25 posted a survey to Twitter and left it open for 24 hours. Of the 772 people who voted, Grace won by nearly a 60 point margin. 

It’s not a scientific poll, but I think it captures the observations of people who are paying attention. We just need to get more people to pay attention. And quickly.

I also want to mention that the moderators did an excellent job of explaining the format and then following it so that the candidates could speak. They allowed Dr. Grace to show her experience mastery of education policy. Conversely, they allowed Mr. Walters to show that there’s not a lot of there there. Maybe this is why he doesn’t appear alongside his opponent very often.

According to dictionary.com, credibility is the quality of being believable or worthy of trust. If you listen Walters, you probably don’t hear that quality. Craig McVay, retired El Reno superintendent, breaks it down in one of his truck videos (which are hilarious parodies of Walters’s car videos).

In case you don’t want to follow the Tweet, Craig begins by showing Walters accusing Grace of lying about his involvement in the Class Wallet scandal. He then shows a clip of Walters admitting that even before he was Secretary of Education, he helped Class Wallet secure the no-bid contract. How did he do that? Well, go back and re-read my last post if you need clues.

Craig goes on to say, “the people of Oklahoma have all the receipts…that’s morre than you have on 650 plus thousand dollars of taxpayer money. Not gonna fly, RyRy.”

I hope on August 23rd, Oklahoma Republican voters will choose the candidate who has substance in her speech. We can choose professionalism, or we can choose platitudes.

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