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Start of the 2016 Election Cycle

January 11, 2016

Tomorrow, voters in Senate district 34 will take the first stab this year at changing the composition of the Oklahoma Legislature. As long-time readers know, I don’t usually make explicit endorsements on the blog. Well, I have twice, and I’m one for two.

I especially don’t like to interject myself into a race in which I’m not a voter. With District 34, I’m not even in the area code.

Dallas Koehn, the brilliant author of the blog, Blue Cereal Education, does live in the 918, however. He’s working on a series of posts on key legislative seats that takes our #oklaed advocacy work to another level. He did a special piece on this senate race, which Owasso voters will decide tomorrow.

I encourage you to read it all. One candidate favors eliminating the state income tax altogether. The other is a school teacher who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s not that hard to guess which one I support.

Follow Blue Cereal’s #OKElections16 series. Read his blog. Chase him around Twitter too. You’ll love it!

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